Sunday, 17 September 2017

Thought Bubble (Probably)

Next weekend (23rd / 24th September) I will be exhibiting at Thought Bubble in Leeds for the first time ever. Probably. To be honest, it's touch and go at the moment and there is about a 25% chance that I will pull out at the last minute and lose the money I spent on the table (which is probably less than I'll lose by actually doing the event, what with my travel and room expenses, but I'd still like to do it if I can).

The reason for my ambiguity about whether or not I will be there is fairly simple: AGORAPHOBIA!!! While I am nowhere near as bad as I was 10 years ago (see my book for further details), I still suffer from it, still find it very difficult to travel alone (particularly by public transport but I also hate driving on motorways), and also still have a bit of a bad back, etc., which makes me quite unreliable, I'm afraid. Am I embarrassed about all this? Yep. I'm very embarrassed about it and I get very annoyed with myself for spending so much time worrying about things that most people take for granted (like getting on a train) but at a certain point outing myself as an ill person became preferable to being known as that bloke who never turns up to things because he isn't really interested in / committed to comics (and I certainly am interested in / committed to comics - I just like the writing and drawing them part a lot more than the events part).

Anyway, now that I've got my terms and conditions out of the way, I would like to say that I will probably be at Thought Bubble next weekend. I will probably be at table 184 in the Comixology / Millennium Square Marquee, I will probably have copies of my book with me and will also probably have copies of most of my old comics with me, as well as some greetings cards with drawings of dogs on them that I will probably get printed next week (these will probably be my best seller).

If you are there and you see me sitting on my own looking grumpy, please come and say hello. I am friendly really, I just have an unfortunate face that makes me look grumpy all the time, when I am actually only grumpy 60-70% of the time. I will be happy to sign and / or sketch in anything you buy and am willing to moan about my ailments for free.

See you there. Probably

P.S. You may have noticed that I have not scrapped this blog and started a new one, as I said I would in my last post. This is mainly because I now have a Goodreads author page, this blog has been linked to it, and I have no idea how to unlink it, so I may as well keep posting here for now.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

New Website / Guardian Interview

I have a new website,, which launched today.  There isn't much content on there at the moment but there is an online store and I will add more content (hopefully including a blog) over the next few weeks, before my book is released on June 29th. 

In other news, I was interviewed by someone from The Guardian about my book a couple of weeks ago and that interview should be in tomorrow's paper.  It may appear online before tomorrow and I will post a link here as soon as I see it (not that I am checking the Guardian website every five minutes).  

I am still intending to abandon this blog soon but will leave it another few weeks before I delete it. 

Tuesday, 21 March 2017


At long last, my first graphic novel, Back, Sack & Crack (& Brain), is finished (apart from some possible last-minute corrections) and is due to be published by Robinson / Little Brown at the end of June.  It's already on their website and available to pre-order from Amazon, so I doubt they can change their minds now.  

Now that I have (more or less) finished that, I can put my mind to paying off the debts I've run up while working on it, planning my next book (I have an idea I'm very excited about but am only in the very early stages of research at the moment) and setting up a new website where I can sell some of my old comics (currently only available in my loft).

As I very rarely update this blog, often forget it exists, and am not sure if anyone ever looked at it when I did update it regularly, I have decided to scrap it soon, so this will probably be my last post here.  I will instead focus on promoting my comics via Facebook (which I visit a lot) and Twitter (which I need to visit more often). If anyone wants to add me as a friend or follow me, I am desperate for friends and will almost certainly follow you back, unless you look like a pervert.

Bye for now.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Colour Me Bad

I have contributed about seven and a half pages of images to Colour Me Bad, a new stress colouring book, edited by Ilya and published by Little Brown.  Other contributors include Paul Rainey, Hunt Emerson, and Gareth Brookes.  It came out yesterday and the cover price is a mere £7.99.      

Friday, 22 May 2015


I am very pleased to announce that I have just signed a book deal with Little, Brown, who will be publishing my first graphic novel, 'Sack, Crack & Back (& Brain)' in February 2017 (which may seem a long way off but I still have a lot to do and I have to deliver the finished book by the end of April 2016).  

Here's how I described the book in the cover letter I sent out to publishers earlier this year:

‘Sack, Crack & Back (& Brain)’ is my health-themed autobiography, in which I chronicle 25 years of chronic, mostly very embarrassing health problems and milk them for laughs.  From scrotal surgery to sciatica, from itchy rashes to irritable bowel syndrome, from anxiety to agoraphobia, this is the story of my struggle to get taken seriously by a succession of indifferent, occasionally downright rude doctors, and a rough guide to coping (badly) with chronic illness.  

This book is something I've been thinking about doing for years but I finally started work on it last year, after hearing about the Myriad Editions First Graphic Novel Prize.  Although I didn't win that competition, I did get short-listed and had to give a short reading at the British Library last May.  The positive response I got from that reading really boosted my confidence (I am very aware that a book about my history of embarrassing health problems could have been a disaster) and encouraged me to continue with the book.  Earlier this year, I started sending what I have done so far around to publishers, and here I am with a book deal.  I have known about this for a few weeks but it has only just sunk in this week, now that contracts have been exchanged, and I am very happy about it!

As I said, a book about my health problems could have been a disaster, and I'm sure that the subject matter will be a turn-off for some people no matter how good I manage to make it, but I've been pleasantly surprised by the positive reaction I've had so far.  Although I do want to make some serious points along the way, my emphasis throughout will be on humour.  I would not be doing this if I didn't think I could make it funny (and I doubt anyone would want to read it if it wasn't funny).  

I will be posting updates on my progress here and on Tumblr in the coming months.        

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Crouch End Comic Art Festival

This coming Saturday (8th November) I will be heading to north-London for the first time in years to attend the very first Crouch End Comic Art Festival at the Earl Haig Hall (in Crouch End, of course). I don't have anything new out at the moment, because I am still busy working on my graphic novel, 'Sack, Crack & Back (& Brain)', which won't be finished for some time, but I will have copies of most of my old comics with me and will be sketching and moaning about my bad back all day. Other exhibitors include Paul Rainey, Martin Eden, Francesca Cassavetti, Gary Northfield, and CECAF organiser Sean Azzopardi.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

The Time Traveller's Comic Collection

This was my entry for this year's Comica / Observer Graphic Short Story Prize.  It didn't win but I really like it.