Thursday, 27 October 2011

Halloween Faces - Batch #1

This week, I have drawn lots of monster faces to go on the wall at our local working man's club during their Halloween party on Saturday night (yes, ironically, even though I haven't done an honest day's work in years, I do belong to a working man's club).  I was only supposed to do a dozen of them but I got a bit carried away and ended up drawing nearer twenty.  I drew them all very quickly and they are not the greatest pieces of art I have ever produced, but I had fun doing them.  I am going to post most of them here over the next few days, accompanied by the text that I wrote to go with each (A4-sized) drawing...

Name: Frankenstein's Monster
Occupation: Monster
Likes: Bride of Frankenstein, Destruction
Dislikes: Dr Frankenstein, Puppies

Name: Satan
Occupation: Fallen Angel / King of Hell
Likes: David Cameron, Fire & Brimstone
Dislikes: Peace, Love, Cliff Richard

Name: Bride of Frankenstein
Occupation: Housewife / Monster
Likes: Dr Frankenstein, Destruction
Dislikes: Frankenstein's Monster, Hairdressers


  1. Don't worry, there's plenty more where these came from. You'll be sick of my monster faces by Halloween!