Sunday, 29 January 2012

Too Much Sex & Violence #2

The second issue of Rol Hirst’s Too Much Sex & Violence is out now, and it’s great!  I drew three particularly nasty pages for this issue, and I can honestly say that I have never enjoyed drawing anything as much as I enjoyed drawing the nasty bits on my pages, which probably makes me a bit weird, considering what is going on in those panels.  Other pages are provided by Stephen Prestwood, Neil Cavenham, Dave Metcalfe-Carr, Nigel Lowrey, Mark Renhard, Ryan Taylor, and Tony McGee, all of whom did an excellent job.

Rol has created some great characters for this series, has cleverly juggled the scenes to allow for a rotating crew of artists, and has produced a really, really strong script.  I am a fan of Rol’s writing anyway, but I was honestly surprised by how good this issue is.  It’s much better than the first issue, and that was bloody good.

TMS&V issues one and two (I also drew two pages in the first issue) are available to order from Rol for £2.50 each (including postage within the UK).  Alternatively, both Gosh and Orbital in London have the first issue (Orbital definitely still have a few copies left, I’m not sure about Gosh) and if you are an Ace Comics customer, I know that Biff also has the first issue (it may be available elsewhere, but you’ll have to ask Rol).  Hopefully, the same establishments will soon have this excellent second issue, too. 


  1. You can also get them at nostalgia and comics in Birmingham

  2. Orbital still had a couple of copies of #1 left last week but Gosh have now sold out. None of the London shops have #2 yet but I should be taking some around next week.

  3. The front cover of this issue looks like a cross between Black Flag's Slip It In album cover and the episode of Twin Peaks where Audrey Horn auditions at the brothel/casino by tying the two cherries together in her mouth and then presenting them to the madam.

  4. I'm not familiar with that album cover but I remember that scene from Twin Peaks. I haven't watched Twin Peaks since it was first shown on TV but am thinking of watching them all again on Netflix, as my wife has never seen it. I hope it stands the test of time.

    I should have pointed out that the above cover was drawn by Nigel Lowrey, although I drew the nun pages inside the comic.