Monday, 16 April 2012

Crisp Biscuit Comics #2

Bloody typical.  I don't publish any comics for years and then three come along at once.  Yes, the third comic I have had professionally printed in the last month, Crisp Biscuit Comics #2, is available to buy now (for £2.50, including postage within the UK).  This 20-page, colour comic collects another batch of short humour strips, most of which were produced for this blog last year, including The Green C**k Ring's Final Crisis, Rise of the Planet of the Mice, The No.1 Rhinos' Detective Agency, way too many X-Factor-related pages, my short-listed entry for last years Observer / Comika Graphic Short Story Prize, Halloween Parade, and more.  I promise not to publish any more comics now for at least a couple of months!  

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