Thursday, 8 November 2012

New Website

A few weeks ago I got rid of my website, because I was paying way too much in hosting fees, and since then anyone heading to (yes, you, madam) has been redirected here.  However, I missed having a website and think I need one, so I have got myself a much better hosting deal and now have a site again (same old address).  Actually, it's more of a webpage than a website at the moment, but I will probably add more pages in the coming weeks and months.  For now, it's somewhere you can go if you want to buy some of my comics (there are some good bundle deals at the bottom of the page), or if you want to find out where the name Crisp Biscuit Comics comes from.  My Comicsy shop is still open, and the prices listed there are the same as on my site, but shipping costs for customers outside the UK will be automatically added when you check out with Comicsy, which is not the case with my site.  

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