Tuesday, 21 March 2017


At long last, my first graphic novel, Back, Sack & Crack (& Brain), is finished (apart from some possible last-minute corrections) and is due to be published by Robinson / Little Brown at the end of June.  It's already on their website and available to pre-order from Amazon, so I doubt they can change their minds now.  

Now that I have (more or less) finished that, I can put my mind to paying off the debts I've run up while working on it, planning my next book (I have an idea I'm very excited about but am only in the very early stages of research at the moment) and setting up a new website where I can sell some of my old comics (currently only available in my loft).

As I very rarely update this blog, often forget it exists, and am not sure if anyone ever looked at it when I did update it regularly, I have decided to scrap it soon, so this will probably be my last post here.  I will instead focus on promoting my comics via Facebook (which I visit a lot) and Twitter (which I need to visit more often). If anyone wants to add me as a friend or follow me, I am desperate for friends and will almost certainly follow you back, unless you look like a pervert.

Bye for now.